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Addr: shangdongningjingongyelu
Tel: 086-0534-5811457
Fax: 13583430297
E-mail: njtyqc@126.com
Website: http://www.njtyqc.cn
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 Shandong Ningjin sports equipment factory, located in Bohai Ji Lu at the junction of Shandong Ningjin, north of Beijing and Tianjin, west of State Road 205, is the

modernization of medium-sized enterprises, specializing in the production of sports equipment sales in North China area.
Our factory was founded in 1993, after ten years of continuous development, production series of sports equipment sector in the calendar Chinese sports goods fair with its "high

quality and low price, perfect service" is famous, has become the preferred equipment for all kinds of sports activities, network throughout the country, the main products:

Electric hydraulic, mobile armed, fixed type etc. basketball series; organic, toughened, glass steel series rebounds; table tennis, football, judo, wrestling series; jump,

gymnastics series dedicated pad; and the path equipment etc..

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Addr:shangdongningjingongyelu  Tel:086-0534-5811457    
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